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Note: This post is the seventh in a (#JobSeeker) series that I am publishing to help those who are seeking their dream job. There are several tips that I feel incrementally increase your chance of being hired. These tips require hard work to implement, but the "sweat equity" will pay dividends when you land the job you have been coveting.

I thought it would be good for me to highlight candidates here in Atlanta that have approached me because they are interested in finding their next challenge. If you are interested in talking to any of the candidates listed below, please reach out to me at: Joe [at] and I can tell you more about them and potentially connect you.

I have attempted to segment the candidates seeking jobs by the level of the role they are seeking:

CFO - 23 years experience - experience helping startups and more established companies grow
CMO - 25 years experience as CMO at 4 publicly traded B2B companies
CMO - 17 years experience - Established startup CMO and PR pro
CMO - 25 years experience - Seasoned leader focused on wellness and CPG
CMO - 28 years experience - Consumer marketing and brand strategy expert
VP of eCommerce - 22 years experience - Global digital marketing and eCommerce expert - ROI focused

Account Director - 7 years experience - Brand planner and likable account person
Associate Creative Director (copy) - 19 years experience - Senior copywriter - BtoB and BtoC
Brand Engagement Director - 22 years experience - Agency and client background
Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development - 30 years experience - extensive agency and some client experience 
Director of Digital Creative Strategy - 6 years experience - focused on leveraging storytelling (writing) to create content for brands
Director of Digital Marketing - 20 years experience - Seasoned digital consumer marketing expert with strong mobile and game experience
Director of Privacy and Strategic Marketing - 17 years experience - Focused on creating value where digital marketing, technology, strategy, consumer privacy and big data intersect.
PR Director - 10 years experience - versatile PR pro with experience in broadcast, digital content creation and social media
TV marketing and promotions Director - 20 years experience - TV marketing and promotional leader/manager

Account Manager - 8 years experience - Strong account management and email marketing skills
Agency Senior Marketing & PR Manager - 9 years experience - Special expertise in event management and agency PR
Agency Operations Manager - 8 years experience - Big agency operations experience
Digital Marketing Manager - 5 years experience - Extensive social media strategy and execution experience with BIG brands
Global Digital Marketing Manager - 17 years experience - Worked with big companies throughout his career
Senior Digital Agency Copywriter - 8 years experience - Client and agency experience
Senior Digital Marketing Manager - 9 years experience - Agency and client side (big brand) experience
Senior Manager of Digital Strategy - 17 years experience - Worked with big companies throughout her career
AM/PM/Social/Email - 8 years experience - Great team player with strong people and email marketing skills

Digital Marketing Associate - 0 years experience - New graduate with passion and emerging skills for digital marketing

Again, please reach out to me at: Joe [at] if you would like to learn more about any of the folks above.


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