Giving Thanks to the "Sparks"

Posted by Joe on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 Under: AgencySparks
AgencySparks has been rapidly growing and for that I am thankful.  We have been having conversations with many, many brand marketers and connecting them with the, now seven marketing agencies that make up the AgencySparks Network.  We have comfortable office space and two excellent employees have joined our team.  Startups have plenty of challenges, but this has been the most rewarding experience of my life, so far.

Of course I could not have built this company alone.  Along with the great team here, there were many mentors and friends who provided guidance along the way.  I wanted to come up with a special gift to thank these individuals who inspired me to launch AgencySparks, so I called on local artisan/glass blower - Matt Janke to create a special, unique piece that these individuals could proudly display to signify their small role in the company's formation.

Behold the hand-blown and custom etched paperweights I have been giving to the "sparks" that helped make AgencySparks a reality:

Thank you:
  • Stephanie Peterman
  • Katia Herrera
  • Michelle Koufman
  • Jeff Hilimire
  • Lisa Katz
  • Glen Caruso
  • Kelly Deen
  • Genevieve Bos
  • Dave Williams
  • Jennifer Dorian
  • Kelly Gay

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