Inspiring Resume Designs That Will Get You An Interview

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Note: This post is the first in a series that I am publishing to help those who are seeking their dream job. There are several tips that I feel incrementally increase your chance of being hired. These tips require hard work to implement, but the "sweat equity" will pay dividends when you land the job you have been coveting.

Inspiring Resume Designs That Will Get You An Interview

Recruiters spend an average of just six seconds reviewing an individual resume before deciding if the candidate is worth calling for an interview. With such a limited time, you have to make your first impression count. Traditional resumes are typically a laundry list of past jobs, but they rarely tell the story about what the candidate COULD do for the potential employer. In the highly competitive job market, a visual representation of competency and experience told in a creatively stimulating format can make all the difference in getting noticed. Also the format lends itself well to telling a clear story about the potential benefits of the candidate. Several friends looking for new employment have taken my advice to create a visual (infographic) version of their resume with great success. In just the last few months, two of my friends have landed their dream jobs, and I have to think their infographic resume contributed. Here is a great example from a friend of mine:

(By the way, Jonathan landed a fantastic job as Vice President, Marketing Integration at Boys & Girls Clubs of America. This resume could not have hurt his chances!) Ditch the tired resume cliches and qualitative descriptions that have unsupported claims of greatness. A better route to take is giving specific (preferably quantifiable) accounts of what you’ve done that makes you a [insert generic hyperbole here].

The best way to describe your accomplishments is by creating a visually-appealing layout that makes it easy for hiring managers and recruiters to easily scan for the information that matters most. Your "resugraphic" will certainly set you apart from other candidates. Here are some tools that can help:

Creative Resume Examples:

30 Creative Resume Designs for Inspiration

30 Great Examples of Creative CV/Resume Design

50 Awesome Resumes: Why Good Design Will Get You Hired

Creative Resume Builders:



It also may be worth the few hundred bucks it will cost to hire a graphic designer to help you.

As a bonus tip, here are some words you should avoid and use on your resume.
Please share your story about how a visual or infographic resume helped you land your dream job.


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