The Power of Empathy

Posted by Joe on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 Under: Marketing
Improving my own empathy is something that I have been working on for some years. It does not come naturally to me, like for others that I care about and respect. I recently came across this very brief video (by RSA Short and narrated by Dr. Brené Brown) that does an excellent job of explaining empathy and gives some guidelines for people like me trying to improve out empathetic responses and connections with people:

From the video I gleaned these 4 Qualities of Empathy:

    1. Perspective Taking
    2. Staying Out of Judgement
    3. Recognizing Emotion in Other People
    4. Communicating That

Empathetic responses rarely being with “At least…”

The best response when someone tells you something emotional, is to say “I am so glad you told me”.

A response cannot make something better.  What makes something better is a CONNECTION.

What are other ways we can improve our empathy skills?

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