Venn Diagram and AgencySparks Venn series launch

Posted by Joe on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 Under: Marketing
I am a big fan of clever Venn Diagrams.  Yesterday Google celebrated the 180th birthday of John Venn in one of their famous homepage doodles.  

A few weeks ago I came across an excellent Venn diagram posted by LinkedIn CEO - Jeff Weiner:

I reposted the diagram on my LinkedIn profile, and as of today I have received over 150 Likes and a bunch of comments and re-shares.  

The concept of a Venn diagram is so simple, but can be an effective way to explain how different ideas can be connected.  Katia and I created a quick diagram to explain the connection between AgencySparks' services for specialist marketing agencies:

We are going to create a series of Venn diagrams (some fun and some serious) for AgencySparks.  

My challenge to you is help us get creative!  If you have an idea for a fun or interesting Venn diagram either about AgencySparks or peripherally related to our business, please post it in the comments below.  The winner will receive a very special gift from AgencySparks.

Thanks and I look forward to sharing ideas with you.


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