Why I Am Bringing The AgencySparks Team To TEDxPeachtree

Posted by Joe on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 Under: Professional Development

I wrote a brief piece that appears on the TEDxPeachtree blog last month:

I am a firm believer in lifelong learning as a way to constantly evolve ourselves by feeding our minds with new ideas and experiences. TED Talks and more specifically TEDxPeachtree, offers me the opportunity to put away my mobile phone and laptop for a day to learn, mingle, and share with like-minded individuals from other professions.

As the founder and CEO of AgencySparks, I have built my company culture on the ideal of excellence fueled by intellectual curiosity. I want to work with smart people who are independent thinkers and value brain stimulation. Not only are these types of people fun to work with, but they also are better equipped to serve clients.
Having emerged refreshed from my attendance at previous TEDxPeachtree conferences, I want my entire team to benefit from the enriching experiences that had been provided to me. The speakers and the engaging conversations during breaks provide fuel for my employees’ minds and make them more well-rounded individuals.  A “field trip” to TEDxPeachtree also serves as a reward for their hard work.

I am excited to share the TEDxPeachtree event with my team this week. Hope to see you there!


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