Business MatchMaking Book

There is a common expression, “your network is your net worth,” yet most people think of ‘networking’ as a dirty word. The idea of attending a “networking event” can elicit fear and anxiety from even the most extroverted of business people. On a primal level, we all crave human connections with each other, yet many of us struggle to form new relationships and nurture them - especially as adults.

There is a special breed of individuals who seem to command a natural ability to meet new people and then connect them with others who are complimentary. These matchmaking skills are not inherent, they can be nurtured with education and practice.

This book will help you gain the skills and confidence to become a “super-connector,” which will pay dividends of fulfillment and social currency - that can be used to improve your relationships and career.

Together, we can unlock the power of human connections by learning the skills to become a master business matchmaker and then putting them into practice.