3 Tips For Building A Strong Online Personal Brand and Footprint

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Note: This post is the third in a series that I am publishing to help those who are seeking their dream job. There are several tips that I feel incrementally increase your chance of being hired. These tips require hard work to implement, but the "sweat equity" will pay dividends when you land the job you have been coveting.

3 Tips For Building A Strong Online Personal Brand and Footprint

Everyday more and more recruiters are leveraging the web and social media to source new talent. A strong online presence could be a deciding factor for a position you’ve applied for, or a position you don’t even know exists. Building an online personal brand is more important than ever, so it is crucial to not let others define you. Are you taking charge of guiding and cultivating your personal brand perception? Are you emphasizing your subject matter expertise and your glowing personality? When the potential employer Googles you, what will they find? I am not suggesting that you should "be a robot" (in fact authenticity is key), but you also should not be embarrassed about what your new potential boss might find. Be yourself, but with purpose. 

Here are some tips for building your online footprint:

  1. Secure a personal blog or website to show off your career, thoughts, and perhaps even feature your visual resume. Your personal website gives potential employers a way to develop a stronger connection with you, while also building your profile in search engine rankings. This site can be used to illustrate what your current projects, personality, and skills you would offer a potential employer. You no longer need to be able to write code to put together a beautiful website. There are inexpensive templates available on sites like WordPress, Squarespace, Yola, and Wix, that can make you look professional.
  2. Audit your online presence. Google yourself and if you are not thrilled with what you find, you can try to clean up your social media profiles yourself, or employ a service like Reputation.com to help., see what comes up. Don't just delete accounts or change the privacy settings without thinking through the implications. You want to leave enough of a "digital footprint" so that you can be found online and also to help crowd out other search results that may be even worse.
  3. Be purposeful with what you share. People do not realize that content published on the web rarely is there temporarily. Every tweet and status update contributes to your online presence. Once you’ve honed your desired personal brand, you can become more strategic about your posts and online affiliations. Associate yourself with groups and websites that contribute to your desired persona. For example, I have been involved on the board level with many organizations about which I care and also provide me with a positive digital footprint including: AIMA, AMA Atlanta, ChooseATL, the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business and several non-profits. Find and leverage other strong brands to uncover hidden opportunities. Submit a guest op-ed on a company or interest group blog, or respond with thoughtful comments to someone else’s opinions.
What other tips would you share with those looking to build a stronger online footprint for potential employers?


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